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Tuesday, October 14, 2014


The 23rd Annual Confederate Ghost Walk was a great success.

Accolades go out to The Confederate Heritage Trust and the re-enactors for their continued dedication to this annual event. Those attending the event offered many words of praise when exiting. Click here to view other scenes from this exciting night. Photography by David Archer. We thank David for a job well done. 

The Confederate Ghost Walk is held Friday and Saturday, the second weekend of October, annually. Each scenario depicts a day in the life of someone buried at Magnolia Cemetery. Each scene has been researched for historic accuracy. However, for the sake of entertainment some humor and fiction have been added. If you have not attended I highly recommend that you plan to come next year. Tickets go on sale around the first of September each year.      

The exceptional teamwork performed by everyone involved did not go unnoticed. I applaud the cemetery staff and volunteers for a job well done. This event would not happen without your hard work?

Last but not lest I would like to thank all that attended the Ghost Walk and Patrick Harwood's Book Signing. Thank you for supporting us year after year without your contributions we would not be able to maintain this beautiful historic cemetery in the manner it should be.

                                         TILL NEXT YEAR


  1. Wow that sounds macabre...but also quite interesting and thought provoking. Since there was a little humor added, I might be interested in seeing the show after all.

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