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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Magnolia's Receiving Tomb Gets Help From the “Seven to Save” Project

In 2011 The Preservation Society of Charleston voted to include the Receiving Tomb located at Magnolia Cemetery on its “Seven to Save” project. “ Seven to Save” is a program to raise interest and financial assistance  for historical structures  threatened by extinctions.

Magnolia’s Receiving Tomb was designed by Edward C. Jones and completed in late 1850, as stated in the minute books of Magnolia Cemetery.

A receiving tomb was rented by those loved ones when their private tombs or graves were not completely ready for entombment at the time of need. Magnolia’s Receiving Tomb was used as late as 1939. One family rented the Receiving Tomb for 18 years.

As you can see by the pictures the stabilization repairs are well underway.

The practice of using a receiving tomb has diminished in more recent years making receiving tombs a thing of the past. However, I feel it is very important to restore and maintain those remaining few receiving tombs in existence, today. Magnolia is fortunate that we have a receiving tomb of such historical significance, in repairable condition, to save for generations.

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